Ngalabam by Comfort Onyema

Comfort Onyema has been in the music ministry since 1989. She started at the Upper Room Mission, Apapa. She has also sang with the church of God Mission Mass choir, Bethel Worship Center for All Nations choir, and with the Communion Honey voices, Festac Town, where she served for 19years.

She is currently serving in the Sunday School and Hospitality unit of the Living Faith Church, Canaan land. She is a wife, mother teacher, seamstress, evangelist and a youth counselor/influencer. Her songs are inspired mostly from the Word.


“Ngalabam” means “My Pillar” Of a truth, God has been the Rock of my strength. I wouldn’t have made it this far without Him.

I stand with the host of heaven to declare He’s my Pillar, and I believe, many of you are affirming in your heart with me that God is indeed a solid Rock on which one can stand secure. Be blessed as you join in the worship of the Pillar Himself.



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