Helping Others Succeed

When your friend comes to ask you for a favor, why would you say, “Perhaps tomorrow,” when you have the money right there in your pocket? Help him today! Proverbs 3:28. TPT

Rarely does anyone succeed in life without the input of others. It doesn’t matter how graced and gifted you are, you will definitely need the support of some persons from time to time, no matter how little, to make a success out of your life.

If that is true, and it sure is, it implies that you should be willing to extend help to those who require it from you as long as it lies in your power to do so.

Sometimes it may not be convenient at the moment the person is seeking your assistance, but if you can, still respond to the call to help. Receive grace to extend yourself to be a blessing, in Jesus’ name!

In Exodus 17, Joshua and God’s people would have utterly been defeated but for Aaron, Hur, and Moses. They were not the ones in the battle field, their lives were not directly at risk of being hit with a sword, but they were instrumental to the victory of Israel over Amalek.

In verse 11, God’s Word declared that when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed; and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed. Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands until the going down of the sun. Was it convenient for Moses?

The answer is no. In fact he also needed to be assisted while he was helping in his own way, those who were in the battle field. Can you relate to that? Getting into trouble while trying to help someone or soliciting for support after you volunteered to help a friend.

Never regret your decision to uplift others, even in the face of seeming challenges. God’s grace is sufficient for you.Remember, there’s always a huge reward from the Lord when you help others, whether your help was appreciated or not by those who received it.

In Genesis 40, Joseph’s success was tied to the help he rendered to someone while still in the prison. All he needed to do was justify why he should not interprete the dreams of his fellow prisoners. After all, he seemingly had no reason to be happy much less noticing the sad countenance of his prison mate.

Thank God Joseph was a man of understanding. He had learned to support others even when he had no reason to do so. If you are too focused on your problems you will never be inspired to notice and support others in more severe troubles.

In Luke 5, If Peter was completely overwhelmed by his failure to catch any fish, he would have been offended at Jesus for daring to request for his boat on a day like that. Instead, he gave his boat to Jesus not realizing that that singular act would usher in the breakthrough he strongly desired.

Unless you deliberately decide to be a blessing to others, you may never be part of anyone’s success story. Jesus recommends through His Word that we bear one another’s burden and so fulfill the Law of Christ, and the Law of Christ is the Law of Love. Helping others succeed at what they do is one of the ways we express our love for God.

There will always be logical reasons why you need to be fully focused and committed to your personal dreams and aspirations. But as tangible as your reasons may be, you can still reach out to others if you chose to, who knows, just like Joseph and Peter, your promotion, success and lifting may also be tied to that little help you rendered, inspite of the odds you had to deal with.

PRAYER: Dear Father, thank You for giving me the grace to help others succeed in life. As I support their dreams and visions, my life will continually flourish, and I will never lack the necessary support I desire in all I do, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

FURTHER STUDIES: Galatians 2:9, Galatians 6:2,9.

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