About Us

Gloria Johnson Ministries is a Christian-based non-profit organization that’s financially supported by contributions from friends and partners of the ministry.

What we do

Through the teaching, healing, and music ministries that God has entrusted to  Pastor Gloria Johnson as well as through the support of our friends and partners, Gloria Johnson Ministries has been able to share God’s love and the life-transforming message of the Bible with the world through her website, devotional guides, social media platforms, podcasts, and through her home church ministry

Our Mission

Gloria Johnson Ministries is called to edify the saints through the teaching of the doctrines of Christ, and to preach the Gospel of salvation to the unsaved. Through media, we teach people how to apply biblical truth to every aspect of their lives and encourage God’s people to serve the world around them. We have been mandated to take the healing power of God to the nations of the world. Ephesians 4:11-16, Mark 16:15-18, Matthew 28:18-20;


Christ is our message. We teach the truths of God’s Word with clarity, and simplicity. Our primary objective in teaching God’s Word is to daily exhort and edify the believers. We are committed to helping God’speople increase in their knowledge of the the truth, growing up spiritually,  and effectively fulfilling their God given assignments .



We minister the healing power of God to the sick, and teach the believers about their healing and divine health realities in Christ. God’s perfect Will is for his children to live in perfect health. 



We worship God in Spirit and in truth, with songs that are Word based, and replete with the anointing of the Spirit of God. Helping the believers build a culture of worship is also a part of our divine mandate.

Music Ministration

Inspiring love through music. Head over to our music library to be lifted…

Study & Grow

Our amazing devotional promises to transform your life from glory to glory. Treat the message for each day as God’s spoken words to you. The content of this book is based on the infallible truth of God’s Word.

Get ready to experience the power of the Word. Glory to God!